Why Gold Can Make You Rich – Whether It’s Rising Or Falling

It’s no secret that some people owe the majority of their wealth (or even Empires in some cases) to gold. Throughout the ages, gold has managed to continually increase in value over time. It is it’s scarcity, and the allure of it that means gold will ALWAYS be in demand. And once you know the different ways of timing your buying & selling of gold you can always earn money.

1. Buying Gold When It’s On A Long Term Bull Run: Investing in gold when it is on a long term increase can be a good strategy. In the stock market, buying gold (or anything) when it’s on a rising trend is called “riding the bull market”. Generally, gold tends to be either rising or falling in the long run. When you know it is rising, there is usually some additional gains to be had unless you time it just as it turns.

Ways of riding this bull trend is through the purchase of individual gold stocks (eg miners), or you can choose gold funds. You can also opt for illiquid methods of gold holdings like coins and bullion – but these can be tricker to buy and sell quickly.

2. You can also make money when gold is FALLING when you know how to. This requires some education and skill – if you believe that gold is falling, you can use something called “spread betting” – this allows you to make money as gold FALLS. It is somewhat a risky method to use as if you get it wrong, you can end up losing a bit of money.

You can learn about spread betting on the internet – and it is free to set-up a spead betting account.

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